Construction and Planning

The following guidelines are for the client who wishes to purchase land and build their own home in the Mediterranean.

We employ good architects and engineers, who plan and design your villa at reasonable rates. Their designs are both unique and imaginative. Once the plans have been lodged with the District Office, works can commence.
Our homes are special and you will be proud to live in them.

All our builds are overseen by a partner in the business, who has 25 years experience in property development, and building in the UK (private and public sector).

We have many show homes ready for your inspection. 

We are happy to say that our house builders will guarantee the completion of your home within a fixed period, and at a pre-agreed price. All our homes are offered with a Five-Year Guarantee against any structural defualts. We have show homes available to view.

Outside the main town boundaries, there is a restriction of building on only 20% of the land area. Buildings are restricted to a height of only two storeys. This is a further example of the Governments good forward planning to preserve the environment.

Land in Northern Cyprus is measured in donums. Three donums equals 1 acre. One donum equals 1388 square meters.
Building costs vary from £300 to £350 per square metre, dependent upon finishings. Most buildings are constructed in the reinforced concrete frame system that is prodominant in the Mediterranean area. Buildings tend to be over-specified, but can be an advantage to the Purchaser. Materials are readily available from Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. We have many villas and bungalow plans to choose from, we can send these details on request.
Each year we build quality homes to the highest standards and within strict environmental guidelines. Inside and outside the specifications are high and the standard of finish excellent. We have endeavoured to make your new home as maintenance free as possible. We are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for.