About Us

About Us

Kibris Estate Agent is a leading company in Northern Cyprus.



Our Vision:

  • Leading the construction sector as an organization that is sought for every products and services with the aim of full institutionalization and achieving differentiation with innovative offers 


Our Mission:

  • To undertake development befitting the Cyprus island,
  • To make the general environment livable via infrastructure and greening during investments,
  • To develope products complying with local, cultural and historical heritage,
  • To provide quality and credible products and services with up to date norms and technology 





Our Policies:

  • To undertake designs according to Turkish Cypriot culture
  • To have developments with maximum care to “Green”
  • To provide specila products at highest standards for particular needs
  • To achieve customer satisfaction by appropriate payment and delivery conditions
  • To adopr HR development for qualified technical and administrative staff
  • To work in accordance with the local technical and legal conditions and the international standards
  • To undertake modern buildings in cities and different buildings to protect Cypriot culture in urban areas
  • To create villas with max of 25% area in mountainslopes
  • To create limited high rise buildings on flat surfaces


Our Services

  • We build Quality - not quantity:

Whilst there has been some adverse publicity concerning certain TRNC Builders, rest assured that when you purchase from Kibris our proven integrity, honesty and reputation is your guarantee of total satisfaction.

  • Building House, Villa & Apartment:

Every single detail and material can be chosen by you, guided of course by our in-depth experience and should you desire, you may create your own architectural plan instead of our suggestion. We have land available all around the island, but should this not suit your requirements, will find exactly what you are looking for. Or perhaps you might have already found some land, in which case we can build a property to your specifications. Then you may already own a property and wish to sell, in which case we can assist in this direction.

  • Business Investments:

Whilst living in Cyprus you may want to start a business and take full advantage of the increasing Tourist opportunities, whether by investing in properties in North Cyprus such as holiday villages, bars, restaurants, homes or other amenities. If so, Kibris Estates can point you in the right direction.

Furthermore, we will help you with all aspects related to relocating to North Cyprus, residence permits, supply of goods, and provide you with unbiased advice about the best schools, and even all kind of services for bringing your pets to Northern Cyprus.